Weekend scenes: Police killing of George Floyd ignites ‘Day of Protest’

Last week’s police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota resulted in widespread outrage and calls for protest nationwide — a protest that turned into days. Here’s what Medill reporters documented over the weekend. Chicago’s Loop on Friday: The first sparks of protest in Chicago CHICAGO — The omnipresent whirring sound of police helicopters echoed through the canyons in Chicago’s downtown Loop on Friday evening. Protesters marched north on State Street, accompanied by a heavy police

Obama’s ‘Great Lakes Czar’ runs for re-election at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

Commissioner Cameron Davis, former President Obama’s point person on the Great Lakes, is running to retain his seat at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District in part to tackle the issue of flooding in Chicago. Climate change in Chicago takes the form of extreme weather and severe storms. The water levels in Lake Michigan have risen six feet since 2013 and the Army Corps. of Engineers is predicting that they will continue to rise in 2020. The lake levels have risen, in part, because warmer

‘Thou shall not mess with our lakefront’: A talk with Edgewater neighborhood historian Robert Remer

The water levels in Lake Michigan have risen 6 feet since 2013, and the Army Corps of Engineers predicts the water level will continue to rise in 2020. In early February, Gov. J.B. Pritzker issued a state disaster proclamation, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared a local disaster in response to damage sustained along the coast mid-January. The North Side Chicago community of Edgewater directly borders the lake and is bearing significant consequences from the rising lake levels. In an interview, Ro

Youth in Edgewater have mixed concerns on rising tides

Massive waves as high as 23 feet crashed on Kathy Osterman beach in Edgewater when a powerful storm hit Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood the morning of Jan. 11. A red flag banning swimming billowed in 55 mph winds as storm surges reached two feet. Local Alderman Harry Osterman sent a mass email to his constituents soon after warning them to stay away from the lakefront. “I was very concerned that someone would be injured due to the waves,” Osterman said in an interview recalling the day. Emma